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From Islam in Israel to Catholicism in Little Rock

By Aprille Hanson, Published: April 20, 2019   

When Yasmin Hamad first stopped wearing hijab, it was more than just removing her head to toe covering. She was leaving behind her Islamic traditions. “Once you start covering, it’s part of you. That’s how you are identified. They... More 

Jesus’ mission statement can guide us too

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: April 18, 2019   

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor delivered this homily during the Chrism Mass April 15 in Little Rock. One of the first things we try to do when putting together a parish council constitution is try to come up with a mission statement. A lot of companies in... More 

New Catholics share why they joined the Church

Published: April 18, 2019   

  WHY I AM BECOMING CATHOLIC   “We had some issues in our marriage. My husband wanted us to go to (Misioneros Vicentinos Laicos) meetings at St. John’s. I didn’t want to go at first because I didn’t speak a lot... More 

Welcome home: 583 new Catholics join Church

Published: April 18, 2019   

Welcome home The Diocese of Little Rock will welcome 583 new Catholics into the Church during the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday, April 20. These people have participated in their parish’s Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Elect, formerly... More 

Foot-care ministry provides homeless with relief

By Katie Scott, Published: April 18, 2019   

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Rodger placed his backpack next to a chair, sat down and unlaced worn-out shoes. "They told me there are going to be Epsom salts," he said, slowly taking off his socks. Dirt was visible behind each toenail. Some nails... More 

Arkansas Catholic: Your source for the good news

Published: April 17, 2019   

Here are some of the stories you missed if you didn't read Arkansas Catholic's April 13 issue. Some of the stories and columns in Arkansas Catholic appear only in the print and complete digital editions. To read what you're missing, subscribe... More 

Pope: a vocation is a calling from our friend Jesus

By Cindy Wooden , Published: April 16, 2019   

VATICAN CITY -- Within the universal Christian vocation of serving God and serving others, God handcrafts a specific calling for each person, a vocation that fits his or her personality and abilities, Pope Francis said. "To discern our personal... More 

Prejean tells LR crowd about her death row experiences

By Aprille Hanson, Published: April 15, 2019   

Sister Helen Prejean looks at the cross of Jesus and not only sees the savior, but the victims and perpetrators of violent crimes. “OK it’s Lent. And there are two arms on the cross. And the Gospel of Jesus stretches us over to both sides,”... More 

Parishes release 2019 Holy Week Mass times, activities

Published: April 13, 2019   

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. Consult your bulletin for potential changes. Key: S - Spanish; B - Bilingual; I - Igbo; L - Latin; V - Vietnamese   ALTUS St. Mary Holy Thursday: 7 p.m. Good Friday: 7:30 p.m. Holy Saturday:... More 

Young leaders welcome 400 to statewide youth convention

By Dwain Hebda, Published: April 11, 2019         

It’s early on a Saturday morning in Little Rock and Youth Advisory Council members are straggling into their first obligation of the day. It’s a rehearsal for a skit they’ll soon perform before 400 or so attendees at the 2019 Diocese... More