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Rent-to-own scenarios always cost you more money

Published: February 21, 2018   

Dear Dave, Is it OK to buy something using a rent-to-own plan? Josh Dear Josh, I advise against rent-to-own deals. Rent-to-own places get people in the door with promises of low monthly or weekly payments. But when it comes to rent-to-own furniture,... More 

Arkansas Catholic readers informed about the latest news

Published: February 21, 2018   

Here are some of the stories you missed if you didn't read Arkansas Catholic's Feb. 17 issue. Some of the stories and columns in Arkansas Catholic appear only in the print and complete digital editions. To read what you're missing, subscribe... More 

Good treatment for growing anxiety: Go on a digital diet

By Alesia Schaefer, Published: February 20, 2018   

ROGERS — Feeling anxious? Chances are good that you are not alone. And, really, who wouldn’t be? Most people could tick off a handful of reasons that they are worried or anxious without batting an eye. Anxiety is the most common... More 

A Catholic you want to know: Veronica Frederick

By Maryanne Meyerriecks, Published: February 19, 2018   

Why you want to know Veronica Frederick: Veronica, who is a database administrator at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, served as Sacred Heart’s youth director from 2002-2014. She has led three mission trips to Esquipulas, Guatemala. She has... More 

Help in the wings for parish school parents

By Aprille Hanson, Published: February 17, 2018   

Amid the uncertainty regarding all the items wrapped up in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress in December, a glimmer of fortune shines within by allowing tax-free 529 plan savings for college to be used for private K-12 education. However,... More 

Touch the ‘unclean’ today and show compassion

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: February 16, 2018   

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor delivered this homily Feb. 11. Gershon Tucker, president of my high school senior class, died 25 years ago of AIDS. He was the first person I knew to die of AIDS, so his struggle gave the disease a human face for me. •... More 

Parishes throughout the state host 2018 Lenten events

Published: February 15, 2018   

Parishes in the Diocese of Little Rock provided these schedules for Lenten activities. Contact the parish for details before making your plans to attend. Holy Week events will be published later.   Altus St. Mary Stations of the Cross,... More 

Short Bible reflections can feed soul during Lent, Easter

By Aprille Hanson, Published: February 15, 2018   

Along with Lent and Easter comes an overwhelming number of choices for literature to help feed people’s spirit during the seasons. Little Rock Scripture Study has released “Lent: Season of Transformation” and “Easter: Season of... More 

Eight questions about Lent answered

By Father Erik Pohlmeier, Published: February 15, 2018   

Q. Why can’t we eat meat on Fridays? A. This practice is one of the disciplines of Lent that has the goal of love and surrender to God. It requires a break in the normal routine of our day and serves as a reminder that the basic needs of life... More 

Eucharistic adoration brings us closer to Jesus

By Aprille Hanson, Published: February 15, 2018   

There are 168 hours in a week. Each week, adults on average watch about 27 to 36 hours of television, spend at least 40 hours working and about 56 hours sleeping. Faithful Catholics devote at least an hour a week to Mass, but devoting just one more... More