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Test your knowledge: Arkansas Catholic’s Lenten Quiz

Can you ace this Arkansas Catholic quiz on all things Lent? Click here and find out!

Published: February 21, 2024   
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Father Jon Miskin blesses palms before Palm Sunday Mass April 10, 2022, at St. Raphael Church in Springdale. Deacon Chuck Marino is assisting.

How much do you know about how the Catholic Church celebrates Lent? Take our quiz and test your knowledge. For the answers, click this link.


1. Lent is not particularly a season about:

a. Fasting

b. Prayer

c. The rosary 


2. Lent ends on Holy Thursday at:

a. sundown

b. 3 p.m.

c. sunrise


3. What do we learn through fasting?

a. self-awareness

b. self-control

c. selfishness


4. Abstaining from meat means not eating:

a. Soups and gravies made from meat

b. Lobster

c. Shrimp


5. In Lent, the faithful are called to renew their______ commitment:

a. eucharistic 

b. baptismal

c. reconciliation


6. Catholics ___ years old and older should abstain from eating meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Fridays during Lent

a. 12

b. 13

c. 14


7. __________ are part of Lent, but they are not prescribed days of fast and abstinence.

a. Sundays

b. Fridays

c. Saturdays


8.  _______ is never said during Mass in Lent.

a. Amen

b. Alleluia 

c. Lord, hear our prayer


9. What color is associated with Lent?

a. Red

b. Black

c. Purple


10. What determines the end of Lent and date of Easter?

a. a full moon

b. first day of spring

c. both A and B            


11. According to the Church, fasting during Lent means:

a. Consuming only bread and water

b. Eating one full meal and two smaller ones

c. No food at all


12. During Lent, priests wear red vestments on:

a. Good Friday

b. Palm Sunday

c. Good Friday and Palm Sunday


13. Forty is a traditional number in the Bible for preparation and discipline. When else are 40 days mentioned in the Bible?

a. Jesus spent 40 days walking from town to town

b. Moses stayed on the mountain of God 40 days 

c. Isaiah traveled 40 days before he reached the cave where he had his vision 


14. Holy Week begins with:

a. Holy Thursday

b. Good Friday

c. Palm Sunday


15. What liturgical period follows Lent?

a. Triduum

b. Easter

c. Ordinary Time


Written by Malea Hargett and reviewed by Father Andrew Hart, JCL.

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