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Clare Doss: Igniting a fire

Doss worked hard in campus ministry to inspire young adults to devote life to Christ

Published: September 1, 2017   
Aprille Hanson
Clare Doss

One of Clare Doss’ greatest joys in life is seeing young hearts on fire for Christ. The recent graduate of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro served as president of the Blessed John Newman University Parish for the 2016-2017 school year. Doss, 22, helped plan events with others in the ministry.

“I think for me, it really just challenged me, seeing other people wanting to grow,” in their faith, she said. “I wanted to grow and help them learn more.”

For two years, the campus ministry program has conducted the confirmation retreat for local Catholic students.

“I like seeing their hearts just set on fire … it’s so cool after working with them to see that moment, ‘Oh my gosh, I want him in my life,’” she said.

This summer she finished her youth ministry certification at the St. John Bosco Conference in Steubenville, Ohio. Experiences at Steubenville events have helped her learn how to effectively run programs, like the St. Anne Vacation Bible School program in Berryville, her home parish, this year and to share tips on how the parish can energize youth ministry.

This fall, Doss is attending graduate school at Arkansas State to study hippotherapy, using horses as therapy for the disabled. Riding horses has helped with her own disabilities: her right leg is shorter than her left and her right arm is fused at the elbow, with two fingers on her hand.

“For me it isn’t a disability; if anything he’s given me a gift in it,” Doss said. “I’ve been able to have a better empathy for people. He’s given me so many things in return, something as small as that is nothing.”


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